5 Must See Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is by far one of the most unique cities in Europe. Visited by thousands of people every month it still managed to remain untouched in its own culture. You can enjoy the beauty and splendour of the city everywhere, by taking a stroll along the canal or just by enjoying some relaxed time in one of the many cafes in the city centre. However, for many visitors this would not be enough and in order to experience more of the Amsterdam you would need to visit various tourist spots in the city.

Amsterdam offers the abundance of places to see and visit for the casual traveller interested in the Dutch history, art and culture. It might be difficult to choose the top attractions to enjoy so to aid you with that I compiled a list of some must see tourist attractions in Amsterdam.

The Canal Ring

Amsterdam’s city centre is based on three canals plus a collection of smaller ones. For that reason alone the city is often called the Venice of the North. You can take a walk along the canals or book a boat trip. You can also experience the famous canals by cycling along them, which is one of the most popular ways to do that in the city.


Another great place to visit is the Dutch National Museum, or Rijksmuseum as it is called in Dutch. It is the largest museum in the Netherlands and a house to some of the most famous art from the Dutch Golden Period. Pieces by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Hals are exhibited there as well as some of the artifacts from the Dutch explorations.

Van Gogh Museum

Vincent Van Gogh was by far completely misunderstood by his peers, however, today his artistic technique is considered a pioneering. The museum dedicated to this famous painter houses over 200 of his paintings and nearly 500 sketches. This all, combined with a collection of his letters and a selection of works by his friends is the main reason to visit the museum.

Oude Kerk

Oude Kerk is an old protestant church standing right in the middle of the Red Light District and remains a calm escape from the madness of the district. In the old days, the building was used by sailors to get their bearings.

Museum Amstelkring

This restored 17th century canal building located on the edge of the Red Light District now houses a museum exhibiting church silver, religious artifacts and artworks.

With so many great things to see in Amsterdam it may be difficult to make a decision as to what to see. I hope that the list above will help you choose the tourist attractions to visit.
Source by David Adam Bukowski

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