Coffeeshop Babylon

Coffeeshop Babylon

Amsterdam Center Coffeeshops

Coffeeshop Babylon is located on a small street called Beursstraat which runs directly between Damrak and Warmoesstraat. A street which houses mostly hotels, but also the police station is only a few yards away. Don’t let that put you off though.

The sign for this place is quite hidden as it is built into the facade, but once you get closer you will notice the Reggae themed sign. When closed you would never notice the place as it is hidden behind a very large green door.

The menu has some nice options with around a dozen strains of weed to choose from. Some of them old school strains like Amnesia, Cheese and Bubble Gum. The hash is mostly imported from Morocco and they do get some very nice batches in.


Beursstraat 27a,
1012 JV Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Opening Time

Daily > 10:00AM – 01:00AM


Additional informations

-Telephone: (+31) 020 427 0609

Coffeeshop MAP
360° View. Outside The Coffeeshop
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