Coffeeshop Balou

Coffeeshop Balou is located on Halvemaansteeg very close to Rembrantplein (Rembrandt Square) in an area which is very popular with locals and tourists.
This area houses many pubs, clubs, restaurants and shops. You will find some very nice eating spots near Coffeeshop Balou.

The coffeeshop is divided by 2 floors and the ground level has the service area with a few tables and chairs provided. The main seating area is upstairs with tables and stools down both sides. There is also a booth seat here, which is wooden and not very comfortable, but enough room for a small group.

The menu is reasonably priced with around a dozen strains of weed to choose from. You will also find some of your old school strains here. They stock some very nice imported hash from countries like Morocco and Nepal.


Halvemaansteeg 5,
1017 CR Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Opening Time

Daily > 09:00AM – 01:00AM


Additional informations

-Telephone: (+31) 020 627 5653

Nearest Coffeeshop:
Andalucia 3 Floors

Coffeeshop MAP
360° View. Outside The Coffeeshop
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