Coffeeshop Greenhouse Namaste

Coffeeshop Greenhouse Namaste

Amsterdam Center Coffeeshops

Coffeeshop Greenhouse Namaste is also owned by Arjan from Greenhouse Seeds and the other 3 coffeeshops in the Greenhouse chain. This coffeeshop is located on Waterlooplein (Waterloo Square) which is surrounded by plenty of things to do with the Opera and Ballet House, Waterlooplein Markt and Rembrandt House Museum and Artis Zoo close by. Rembrandtplein isn’t much further to the West and is one of the most popular areas in the city.

Inside the coffeeshop you have the counter on the right where you can check out the menu. If you wish to sit inside you go through a turnstile into the main smoking area which has plenty of comfortable leather padded seating down both sides and around the walls.

These guys also take advantage of the outside area provided and supply seating out front which is a great place to sit and have a smoke on a sunny day.

The menu is just like the other coffeeshops in the chain and stocks many of the cup winning strains these guys produced and sell in their coffeeshops. There is around 15 strains usually available and a good selection of high quality hash.


Waterlooplein 345,
1011 PG Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Opening Time

Daily > 09:00AM – 10:00AM


Additional informations

-Telephone: (+31) 020 716 3834

Nearest Coffeeshop:
De Overkant

Coffeeshop MAP
360° View. Inside The Coffeeshop
360° View. Outside The Coffeeshop
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