COFFEESHOP Hunter's Bros

COFFEESHOP Hunter’s Bros

Amsterdam Noord Coffeeshops

Coffeeshop Hunter’s bros is located in Amsterdam-Noord on Papaverweg in a mostly residential area and like its sister shop, the area it doesn’t usually get many tourists.

As you enter the coffeeshop you have the service area at the front where the menu is shown on 2 large lit up boxes on the counter. The smoking area is through the back and only has a small number of tables and chairs, but it is a very nice place to chill. Feels like an old school pub/bar and even has 2 dart boards available for the customers to use. They also provide a few TVs up on the walls, which are easy to see from any seat. There is also an outdoor smoking area at the back of the shop. Very nice feature and not many coffeeshops have this capability.

The menu is quite large here too and they usually stock around 15 strains to choose from. The products on the menu have mostly been available for years with strains such as Pineapple Express, King White Willem, G13-Amnesia, Hunters Lemon Haze and Amnesia Haze mostly available. Being a mostly locals place and away from the city centre you can expect the prices to be slightly more reasonable here.

The hash selection is quite large here also and you have around a dozen options. 5 grams deals are available also here for all products.


Waterlandplein 7,
1024 LL Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Opening Time

Daily > 10:00AM – 08:00PM


Additional informations

-Telephone: (+31) 020 637.0018

Coffeeshop MAP
360° View. Inside The Coffeeshop
360° View. Outside The Coffeeshop
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