Coffeeshop The Spirit

Coffeeshop The Spirit

Amsterdam Center Coffeeshops

Coffeeshop The Spirit is located on Westerstraat in the Jordaan area of Amsterdam. This place is pretty quiet in terms of it being in the city centre but being just on the edge of the canal belt it isn’t busy with foot traffic. There is however plenty of shops and cafes in the area and an area frequently used by locals.

Coffeeshop The Spirit isn’t just like any other and is basically half coffeeshop, half amusements. There is plenty for entertainment here with a pool table, numerous arcade and pinball machines and a dual car racing machine.

Many coffeeshop’s in the city centre are mostly loaded up with seats and tables for customers to use and due to them always being busy they couldn’t offer what these guys can. Definitely worth a visit if you like this kind of stuff.

the menu in Coffeeshop The Spirit they usually have around 10 strains of weed and 5/6 types of hash including iceolator. Moonrocks are also available. Clean bongs and a Verdamper are also available for customers to use.


Westerstraat 121,
1015 LZ Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Opening Time

Daily > 10:00AM – 01:00AM


Additional informations

-Telephone: (+31) 020 625 4650

Coffeeshop MAP
360° View. Outside The Coffeeshop
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