VondelPark The huge Park

VondelPark The huge Park

VondelPark the largest Amsterdam Park

Vondelpark is the Amsterdam’s biggest & most popular local park. Attracting 10 million tourists each year, The rich 45-hectare area consists of a famous outdoor theater, several children’s play grounds along with numerous cafés and also restaurants, making it a prospering center of activities in any kind of period. Unsurprisingly, it is actually beloved through citizens and also tourists. All ages come here to relax, sunbathe, play guitar, football, sport or frisbee. Some do their homework here, some might have a beer or joint.

History of the Vondelpark

The Vondelpark opened in 1865 as a stylish leisure area for Amsterdam’s middle class, made by landscape designer Jan David Zocher.
It was initially entitled ‘Nieuwe Park’ (New Park), however it was legally renamed to Vondelpark in 1880, right after the statue of 17th-century Dutch poet Joost van den Vondel, which had actually been revealed in the park some 12 years previously.

Zocher developed the Vondelpark in the popular English landscape design, developing rolling vistas of woods, paths and lakes to provide the impression of an idealised natural landscape.
The park kept on grow throughout the later years of the 19th century, with the bandstand and the Pavilion property built in the 1870s.
L.D. Zocher has been awarded a national heritage status. Then the park was contributed to the Municipality of Amsterdam in 1953.

Vondelpark Facilities

The huge park it self is house to a number of popular restaurants, café bars, also including:

  • The huge 19th-century Pavilion, situated in the northwestern edge of the park, was even once house to the city’s Film Museum from 1975 till 2011 when it transferred to THE EYE AMSTERDAM Property in the north of the town.
  • the stunning Groot Melkhuis (Large Milkhouse) with its waterside balcony.
  • the popular summer season area Vondeltuin, total with its whimsical beer yard.
  • the 1930s modernist Blauwe Teehuis (Blue Tea House) which looks like a huge flying dish.
  • Hundreds of bunches are available all around the park, grab any of them and have a relax mixed with chilling. 

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